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100 things about me you didn't know and weren't afraid to ask

1. i am a libra and frequently showcase some of the finer libra traits, such as indecisiveness and a love of beauty.
2. i was born in the year of the dragon and the US bicentennial.
3. i collect post cards. i didnít set out to purposely collect them, but one day i realized that i had a lot of them and would always ask traveling friends to send me more.
4. i skipped kindergarten. i donít think i missed much.
5. i didnít get my driverís license until i was 21. i failed the test three or four times when i was in high school, and i had a mental block about taking it again until the summer after i graduated college.
6. i have a penchant for stripey socks. and they must always match my outfit.
7. i have a BS in biology and social issues
8. and a masterís degree in public health.
9. my job title is ďsenior research associate.Ē i work in a psychiatric hospital for a large medical center (aka the Evil Empire).
10. i studied abroad in greece when i was a junior in college. being away from home like that was such a positive change for me. i became more independent and confident.
11. i was a VISTA volunteer for a year after i graduated college. i was poor, but it was a great experience.
12. i was born in pittsburgh, went to college in central PA, lived in peekskill, NY, as a VISTA, then moved back to pittsburgh for grad school. that was 4 Ĺ years ago. i never thought iíd be here this long.
13. i have seven tattoos
14. and 12 piercings. most of those are in my ears.
15. i got my first tattoo when i was 17. my dad signed for it.
16. i was a dj at my collegeís radio station. i donít know if anyone ever listened to my show, but it was fun to inflict my musical taste on others.
17. my toenails are always painted. in the last ten years, they have not been without color. i just donít like they way they look like that. feet are weird-looking enough as it is.
18. i will only kill bugs if they get uppity with me. (or if they are mosquitos.)
19. i can dislocate both my shoulders and my thumbs.
20. i never forget a birthday.
21. my IQ is 149, but i donít think IQ tests mean much of anything.
22. i am a backseat driver. i think it comes from being a control freak.
23. i like doing laundry and the dishes. thereís just something about taking dirty, icky things and having them come out clean and nice.
24. i love making mix CDs (i make the best covers ever), but i donít like receiving them as much, as i am very particular about my music.
25. iíve worn glasses since i was 8. as you can imagine, i am quite near-sighted.
26. i will never wear contacts because i am very squeamish about anything even remotely touching my eyes.
27. i prefer coloring books that have simple drawings with big spaces in which to color, as opposed to more detailed drawings.
28. i had my adenoids removed when i was 3.
29. the surgery terrified me because i didnít know about anesthesia and thought iíd be awake the whole time.
30. music is very important to me. i have a CD playing whenever i can, but i donít listen to the radio (see #24).
31. i have no musical talent, but i would love to learn to play the guitar.
32. i taught myself to read when i was three. iíve always loved books and been a voracious reader.
33. i used to think of myself as an artist and a writer,
34. but i havenít done much of either lately.
35. iíve been told that iím ďvery creativeĒ and ďartistically aloof,Ē however.
36. i can say "thank you" in ten languages.
37. i can only say "fuck" in three,
38. but i can say "please suck my dick" in romanian.
39. i will probably never use that phrase.
40. i have been told that my hair is quintessentially pre-raphaelite.
41. i started reading tarot cards when i was 13. i havenít done it in years, though. theyíre a good tool to talk people through their problems.
42. i love to travel and explore new places, but iím always glad to come home.
43. i am a "cat person." my current cat is very opinionated, 18, and has extra toes.
44. i can only tolerate dogs.
45. i canít stand pet birds. they freak me out.
46. my fiancť used to live in ontario, but he finally, recently got his visa to live in the US. it was a long, frustrating, expensive process, and i only recommend doing it if you are very much in love.
47. we were long-distance for over a year and a half. as you can imagine, we put a lot of miles on our cars.
48. we plan on getting married on may 1st. iím overjoyed at marrying my best friend.
49. iíve known my other best friend for almost 20 years.
50. i love board games, especially scrabble and trivial pursuit. i donít have the patience for jigsaw puzzles.
51. i look much younger than my actual age, and i donít like how i get treated sometimes because of it.
52. i love most scented things and am very enthusiastic about smelling them. i practically shove them halfway up my nose.
53. iíve met more Famous Authors (4)
54. than (semi)Famous Musicians (3).
55. i hate talking on the phone unless i know the other person very well. i feel awkward, otherwise.
56. my favorite artist is jw waterhouse. maxfield parrish comes in a close second.
57. i try to see art museums in every major city i visit.
58. i believe in reincarnation. i get comfort in knowing that we always have the opportunity to experience and to learn more and to stay connected with those we love.
59. when i was a child, i had recurring nightmares about fires. itís taken me a long time to get over my fear enough so that i donít freak out when i see one. iím still not very comfortable around open flames.
60. my parents wanted to name me persephone, but my mom didnít want people to call me percy. they settled on courtney.
61. iíve had eleven teeth pulled,
62. mostly because i have a small mouth, and they wouldnít all fit.
63. i love gerber daisies. theyíre my favorite flower. (daffodils are my second favorite.)
64. i wish i could have fresh flowers around all the time. if you ever find yourself wondering what gift to get me, get me flowers. iíll love them.
65. i have an overactive imagination; iím always daydreaming.
66. i get a lot of compliments on my eyebrows (which i find strange)
67. and my teeth (it makes the years of braces worth it).
68. i can keep plants alive longer than most people can, even though i know very little about gardening.
69. iíve been told i dress well. iím usually fairly casual, but i dress up nicely.
70. at some point in my life, i want to go hang gliding. itís something iíve wanted to do since i was a kid.
71. sense of humor is very important to me.
72. i love to make people laugh,
73. but i am very sarcastic.
74. i have a very expressive face, and i make faces without realizing it.
75. i have eye rolling down to a science.
76. i got in trouble for that a lot when i was a kid.
77. my favorite movie is the color purple.
78. the ending makes me cry every time.
79. i write in lower-case letters so much that it feels strange to write capitals.
80. i can kick very high because i am quite flexible.
81. i swear a lot.
82. actually, i can have a very foul mouth. i need to learn to control it before i have kids.
83. my mother died when i was eighteen. watching someone you love die of cancer is a horrible experience that no one should have to go through.
84. since my motherís death, my relationship with my father has been fragile at best. i currently prefer not to talk to him.
85. i love listening to peopleís accents. except awful western pennsylvania accents.
86. sometimes, i think that if i had more guts, iíd try my hand at acting. i can be quite shy, and i donít like being the center of attention, so who knows if it would ever work out.
87. my only sibling is a sister whoís two years younger than me. our relationship has been rocky in the past because of her drug abuse, but our bond is much closer and stronger now that sheís been clean. i wouldnít trade my sis in for anyone.
88. my blogger code is B7 d- t- k s++ u- f i o++ x-- e+ l+ c.
89. i have always wanted to live in arizona.
90. iíve only been there once, but i was taken with its beauty.
91. i have an irrational fear of trains. i donít like big pieces of machinery to begin with, and then they have to have that big old headlight in the front. *shudder*
92. i still have to add and subtract on my fingers. iíve never had a head for numbers.
93. i still donít understand how i did so well in advanced calculus.
94. iíve only broken one bone in my life. i slipped on some ice and fractured a bone in my hand.
95. iím surprised i havenít broken more, as iím not the most graceful person around.
96. i donít think iím very coordinated.
97. food in mass quantities grosses me out. those big vats of cole slaw at the deli? barf. the huge cans of fruit cocktail in the grocery store? yuck. even the donut conveyor belt at krispy kreme icks me out a bit.
98. i love to sing
99. even though i am very bad at it.
100. i canít stand the taste or smell of coffee. give me a nice mug of tea any day.

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