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10:53 a.m.

my car is running like a champ after its trip to the doctor�s. not that i had any doubts, but i suffer from extreme car paranoia. i can be quite fun to drive with. �what was that? do you hear that noise? do you think it�s my transmission? is my car shifting weird? will you drive my car next and tell me if it�s driving weird? does my tire seem inflated enough to you?� etc. and that�s not even counting my, um, very aggressive driving, though, to my credit (and the credit of the pharmaceutical industry), i am calmer behind the wheel than i used to be.

however, i was not calm when i was waiting for sara to take me to pick up my car. it was nice of her to take me, but fuck, we didn�t leave work until 5.45. i was getting super impatient, and i don�t think she was even doing work. oh well. i should expect that from her by now.

after i got my car, i had to swing over to the library to pick up a patch for my computer from amy e. my laptop got a virus, and it wouldn�t stay online long enough for me to download the patch myself. luckily, my laptop is also back in commission. i don�t think i could handle the two most expensive things i own to be broken at the same time.

i also had to zip over to see winfrey so i could drop off her birthday present. her birthday isn�t until monday, but she�s leaving for china right after that, and she wanted her present beforehand. i got her a tape and book to learn chinese, and she wants to try to learn something before she leaves. i haven�t seen much of her since she�s been back from africa since she�s been with her boyfriend (her latest out of a string of many) most of the time. in a way, i�m kind of glad because she can be a little much for me at times.

yesterday, i made the executive decision not to go to work in the morning. i knew i wouldn�t have much to do at the office, but i had things to do at home. so i slept in to the decadent hour of 8.30, finished a pile of work for katrina, made a couple batches of pesto, and dropped a batch off to amy b at work before i had to be up at the clinic to do my nutrition class. i love the weekdays that i can take the time to do things like that. otherwise, all those tasks would have had to wait until i got home from work, and this way, i had the evening free.

we moved my class to an earlier time in order to try to catch more people, and it must have worked because i had six people there yesterday. i know that doesn�t sound like a lot, but for a group like that, it is. i usually only have two regulars. it was a lively group, too, and i left happy. my boss will be pleased when she finds out, but that will be the last of her concerns now because she had her twins yesterday. their names are grace and jack, and they weighed in at over 6 lbs. each (jack was almost 7). oy. no wonder she was as big as a house. mom and babies are doing well, and i can�t wait to see pictures.

i�m glad i had the rest of the afternoon and evening free because i got to spend time with amy e. we played with the kittens and went to get something to eat. when we came back, we decided it was time to put our plan of putting kittens into a rocket ship into action. here are the results. we learned a valuable lesson yesterday: it is very very difficult to photograph kittens. i have more respect for those people who make those cheesy kitten photos. amy�s kittens were afraid of us for a while afterwards; terminator x hid behind a bag of kitty litter. they came out for food, though. i think we should train then to not fear the rocket ship.

i made even more pesto last night. my boss� boss gave me even more basil the other day, and i still have basil left. but now i do have fresh pesto for dinner on friday and more in the freezer for future use. it�s the first time i made it, so i�m not sure how well it turned out. i think i added too much olive oil. i do, however, love my new food chopper. i am going to get recipes specifically so i can use my chopper.

obligatory weather rant: why is it so damn humid outside, for the love of kittens?! by the time i got to the office today after walking down from the garage, i was sticky and sweaty and just plain gross. there is a thick haze over the city. ew. i mean, i�m glad i�m not in europe and all (i never thought i would say that), but i�m still suffering! grr.

the other day, amy b, in her infinite wisdom, informed me that krispy kreme makes donut wedding favors and even donut wedding cakes. the news renews my faith in humanity. i couldn�t wait to tell bill about it; he loves donuts more than i do, i think. it�s probably a requirement for canadian citizenship. why else would there be a tim hortons on every freaking street corner? i think bill seriously wants to have donuts at our wedding (far away though it is). this is one of the many reasons why i love this man.


quote of the day:

�i loves me some vegetables. get me a potato, honey. get me a stick of butter, honey�i love that lemon pepper. it�s enough to make you want to hurt yourself.� �my transgendered nutrition class member

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