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3:14 p.m.

it has been quite a day. i got a ride to work in a tow truck. itís kind of funny being dropped off in front of the building like that. when i was driving home on sunday, i noticed that my car was a little louder than usual, and by yesterday, it was even louder. it got to the point that i knew i should take it into the shop to get it looked at, but i decided to wait until i got the dent fixed, then i could focus on this new problem. well, the fates didnít like it that way, apparently. i was almost at the parking lot at work today when i heard a clank and a clatter, and my car got really loud. i pulled over and checked underneath; part of my exhaust pipe was dragging on the road. instead of freaking out as i normally would, i got back in the car to think about what i should do. i figured calling a tow truck would be my best option because i wasnít sure where the closest garage was, and i didnít think i should be driving, anyway.

so i turned into the driveway that leads to the parking garage and parked off to the side. there is another parking lot next to my garage, and i asked the attendant if she could call a tow truck for me. she was very helpful and even let me use her phone so i could call molly to reschedule our meeting. i didnít have to wait long for a truck, thankfully. as i was standing by my car, one guy even asked me if i needed help. (chivalry isnít dead after all. itís just sleeping.)

the tow truck driver was nice, but kind of strange. out of the blue, he told me that the person in pittsburgh with west nile is his uncle, then he told me about the death of the family iguana, rounding out his tale with the amount of taxes he pays on the plot of land their double-wide sits on. after we dropped off my car at the shop, he drove me back to work, which was nice. the distance was walkable, but it would have taken me a long time.

it turns out that my car needs a new intermediate exhaust pipe. of course, that isnít covered by the warranty. the sort of good news is that the towing is covered, so at least i wonít have to pay for that. i just got a new muffler and another piece of the exhaust system a few months ago, so it looks like iím replacing it a bit at a time. itís not a super-expensive repairóabout $250, which is doable and wonít bring me to complete financial freak-out. and at least i wonít have to stress about the mysterious noise any more.

the rest of my day was pretty hectic, but in a good way. i met with molly and got an icy espresso drink for a much-needed caffeine boost. i had problems sleeping early this morning because a) my cat woke me up as she was beginning to barf and b) my asthma and allergies made it difficult to breathe, so i had to wait until i could breathe again until i fell back asleep. fun. it looks like iíll have to go back on medication again. i donít want to have to shell out more money for more pills, but breathing is essential, and not being able to breathe sucks, especially when it disturbs my sleep so much and worries bill.

after my caffeine boost, i had a meeting with katrina to go over work stuff. it looks as if sheíll continue to have a lot of extra work for me to do, which is more than okay with me. if i didnít have the extra money this job is bringing, iíd probably be in trouble. i certainly wouldnít be able to afford these car repairs, especially after paying for my car insurance. iím far from where iíd like to be financially, but at least itís not as precarious as it was, and i can afford to do little things for myself now without feeling guilty. on an unrelated note: katrina is the only person i know who carries half a cantaloupe in her backpack for a snack. yep, an entire half of a cantaloupe, wrapped in aluminum foil.

on my way back up to work, i ran into some old coworkers, including my old boss, and stopped to chat. i havenít talked to my old boss in a long time, and i need to catch up with her. her motherís been sick, and she found needle tracks on her sonís arm, so she has quite a lot going on. she is also dating someone twelve years younger than she is and wants my opinion on that. what can i say? i told her it depends on the situation, and if heís a good guy and sheís happy, it shouldnít matter. i donít think that was the answer she was looking for.

when i got back up to my building, i found that i couldnít get in for a few minutes because there was a lockdown. i guess a patient was on the loose. it happens a few times a month that i know of, and it reminds me that i work in a psychiatric hospital. sometimes i forget because i work in cubeville. i finished my running around with lunch with sara, a coworker whoís leaving at the end of the month. sara always wants to eat in the cafeteria of the hospital across the street. i donít like the food a whole lot, but it is super cheap. i donít know of anywhere else where one can get a plate of tortellini for $2.74. saraís going to take me to pick up my car later, so thatís one less thing i have to worry about.

i still have more craziness yet to come today, but at least all of this has taken me away from my boring cube here in the office. iím in a very slow period at work now. i donít know whether or not it will pick up any time soon, but maybe iíd better enjoy it while i can.


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