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10:33 a.m.

well, i made it to friday. not that i had my doubts, but you know. itís kind of gray and dreary out, and i would have loved to stay in bed. itís still pretty quiet here at work. it seems like everyone comes in late on fridays. we all kind of trickle in over the first few hours of the work day. my boss just scheduled her c-section for wednesday, so sheís buying us all pizza for lunch today to celebrate. iím hoping i can sneak out of here after that. iím driving up to see bill this afternoon.

it must be weird for my boss to know exactly when her babies will be born. usually, labor is more of a surprise, and thereís that rush to the hospital. since both of her babies are breech, she has to have a c-section, though. it must be a relief that the pregnancy is almost over; she is huge, probably one of the biggest pregnant women iíve seen. sheís got a lot of work ahead of her with newborn twins on the way, though she did hire a nanny. seriously, sheís lucky she can afford to do that. iíd be a wreck.

i talked a lot in therapy yesterday, which is kind of unusual for me. usually, itís more of my therapist asking me questions and me answering them and elaborating when necessary. maybe iím finally opening up more. who knows? we talked about my current lack of satisfaction and connection in my life. no real conclusion or solution was reached, and so i feel as if iím right back where i started. sheís convinced that i feel disconnected because of the time that i spend with bill, but i know thatís not the case. if he werenít in my life, iím pretty sure iíd be feeling the same way, perhaps even more so. i guess iíll have to try to figure this one out.


the friday five:

1. What's the last place you traveled to, outside your own home state/country?
ontarioÖto see my boy, of course.

2. What's the most bizarre/unusual thing that's ever happened to you while traveling?
i donít think anything truly bizarre or unusual has ever happened to me while traveling. there have been plenty of little weird and funny things, but nothing really sticks out as being bizarre. once, though, when i was living in greece, one of my housemates died in a freak motorcycle accident one night. i didnít know costas well, but i mourned with the rest of the people who lived in my house (there were about 22 of us). i remember on the afternoon of the day he died, he was playing an operation ivy song for someone and saying enthusiastically, ďthis song is great. listen to how good this song is.Ē whenever i hear that song, ďsound system,Ē i think of him. anyway, the weird part. the next day, a few friends and i were going to leave on the ferry for crete and spend the weekend there. it happened that costas was from crete, and some of my housemates were leaving on the same ferry to attend his funeral. while my friends and i were standing on deck of the ship, we saw a coffin being loaded onto the boat, and we knew that costas was in there. it was sad and creepy. we never said anything to my housemates that were also on the ferry.

3. If you could take off to anywhere, money and time being no object, where would you go?
morocco. or the south pacific. really, iím not picky. iíd love to go somewhere thatís realatively inexpensive, so i can get more for my money. if time is no object, then iíd like to stay someplace for a while, to live there and really get to know it better, not just on a tourist level. iíd want to start to gain an understanding of the people and culture.

4. Do you prefer traveling by plane, train or car?
it depends on how far away iím traveling. if i can drive there in less than most of a day, then i prefer to drive. itís nice to have control over when i get there, when i stop, etc. and thereís always the factor of singing along badly to my favorite music. driving somewhere also gives the chance of seeing new places along the highway. however, as i am a person of little patience, i prefer to fly to places that would take a day or more drive. flying is fun in its own way. itís quick, and airports are great for people-watching. i always love that moment when the plane takes off, and i love to look down at the miniature scenery below. now, trains--forget it. they are slow and boring. they take the worst aspects of driving somewhere and the worst aspects of flying and combine them, so itís slow and you have no control over stops and such.

5. What's the next place on your list to visit?
beautifulÖscenicÖexcitingÖst. catharines, ontario! what a shocker.

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